Engie Benjy - Fun and Adventures is a UK VHS/DVD release by VCI, 2|Entertain and Granada Ventures on 17th October 2005.

Description Edit

Engie Benjy, the engine doctor, is back along with Jollop, Dan and all his friends. Together they have adventures mending all kinds of vehicles, from Messenger Mo's Bike to Astronaut Al's Spaceship, using brightly coloured plasters, bandages and a bit of tender loving care.

Episodes Edit

  1. Share and Share Alike
  2. Hide and See Saw
  3. The Sea Sneezes
  4. The Great Race
  5. Splish Splash Bus
  6. Jollop in the Driving Seat
  7. Night of the Sherbert Start
  8. Big Rig's Big Mess
  9. The Big Kite Flight
  10. The Night Flight
  11. Lost Horizon
  12.  Dan Day
  13. Snow Daze

Credits Edit

Opening (Original 2005 release) (with no trailer) Edit

  • 2|Entertain Warning Screen
  • 2|Entertain Logo
  • Granada Ventures Logo
  • CC screens
  • Engie Benjy intro
  • Start of Share and Share Alike (2003)

Closing (Original 2005 release) (with no trailer) Edit

  1. End of Snow Daze (2003)
  2. Engie Benjy closing credits
  3. Granada Ventures Logo
  4. 2|Entertain Logo

Gallery Edit

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